To our Central Iowa Vapors family:

Beginning Monday, May 18, 2020, we will be making some operational changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and eased restrictions.


Our stores will be operating at 50% occupancy. There will be dots placed on the floor to ensure that our customers are able to maintain a 6-foot distance from other customers, as well as to help provide a visual reminder of occupancy limits. If there is not a dot available for you to stand on, we ask that you please wait outside until another customer leaves to open up a spot.


Masks will no longer be required for customer use, but are heavily encouraged.


We will be requiring a 1-hour lead time on all curbside orders. Please give us sufficient time to help customers who are in the store, and to fulfill your curbside order by waiting a minimum of 1 hour before picking your order up. Curbside orders will continue to be accepted via website, email, and phone calls. To speed up the process, credit or debit payment over the phone is preferred.  All customers are required

We offer two ways for you to put in your curbside order.

  1. Call the store phone number you wish to place your order. Stores phone numbers are listed below.
  2. Click the following link to place your Curbside Order, your order will be directed to the store you wish to pick-up your product.
  3. Please note: You must bring your photo ID to pick-up your product.

Please click the following link to view our e-liquid selection:


Location 1: Altoona located on 8th Street
Phone Number: 515-967-4581
Store Email: [email protected]

Location 2: Ankeny located on NE Delaware Ave.
Phone Number: 515-963-0004
Store Email: [email protected]

Location 3: Clive located on Hickman
Phone Number: 515-987-0001
Store Email: [email protected]

Location 4: North Store located on NE 14th Street
Phone Number: 515-265-0004
Store Email: [email protected]

 Location 5: West Store located on Merle Hay Road
Phone Number: 515-777-1147
Store Email: [email protected]

Location 6: South Store located on SW 9th.
Phone Number: 515-256-0004
Store Email: [email protected]

Location 7: Cedar Rapids located on Cedar Point Rd. NE
Phone Number: 319-294-3244
Store Email: [email protected]

Location 8: Waterloo located on University Ave.
Phone Number: 319-233-4148
Store Email: [email protected]

Location 9: Grimes located on E 1st Street
Phone Number: 515-986-3590
Store Email: [email protected]

Location 10: Ames Store located on Lincoln Way
Phone Number: 515-292-0004
Store Email: [email protected]

Location 11: West Des Moines Store located on Ashworth

Phone Number: 515-327-5072

Please note:

  • You must bring your photo ID to pick-up your product.

Remember, you can always order online at if you wish to have your product shipped directly to you.

Thank you for your understanding.
– CIV Administration